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Project Dreambox?

A Social Experiment to prove to the world that dreams are more likely to come true if you share them with others.

Project Dreambox was first created on Kickstater as Teddy Saunders and Paola Baldion raised $29,277 to build a solar powered video booth that allows people to record 30-second statements of their life-long dreams, goals and intentions into an HD camera.

With a mission is to prove that dreams are more likely to come true if you share them online with others, they brought this Dreambox to conscious festivals in order to collect thousands of dreams from people all over the world. Now they have built a website for these dreams to be shared, followed and supported...

What is

Collaborate on life goals

~~~ Coming 2016 ~~~

We’ve all heard the term, thoughts become things. The Secret is about the Law of Attraction. The idea of manifesting your own destiny by painting a picture of the specific goals necessary to be building your dream project, working your dream job, and living your dream life.

We feel that identifying your dreams is the most important thing you could do. Having a dream gives direction to your life.

By puting your life’s intentions online and allowing others to follow, you make a motivating promise to yourself and your peers.

Our aim is to allow likeminded individuals to work together to acomplish projects that they once only dreamed of.


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